Zia Sakirovski

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Meteor schreef:Prima, maar is er dan geen plek meer voor Sakirovski? Het was toch zo'n mega talent? Hoort hij dan niet snel mee te trainen met de grote mannen? Ondertussen staat de jongere Tesselaar in de basis bij de bekerfinale, Sakirovskiniet. Door die twee dingen vraag ik me af of Sakirovski nou wel zo'n grote toekomst heeft. Ik volg de jeugd bijna niet, dus ik ben benieuwd wie er meer over zijn ontwikkeling kan vertellen.
Ik heb hem van de week zien invallen bij AZ onder 19. Fysiek een klein mannetje, maar wel typisch zo'n bedrijvige speler zoals je op de Balkan zo vaak ziet. Zijn Albanese roots zie ik in hem wel terug. Nog een paar jaartjes doorgroeien in voetbaltechnisch opzicht en je hebt een aanvaller met speciale kwaliteiten. Hij kan namelijk ook vanaf de zijkanten spelen. Met zijn loopacties weet hij dan op het juiste moment voor de goal te komen en daardoor komt hij geregeld in scoringspositie. Is echter nog niet klaar voor het grote werk.
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Heb hem afgelopen maandag in zien vallen maar hij viel mij niet echt op. Niet positief en niet negatief. Bleef wel jagen en balaannames waren wel aardig. Leek mij een beetje op een kleine Tankovic. En wat ik van Tankovic moet vinden weet ik ook nog niet. Al met al lijkt het mij wel goed als hij nog een jaartje buiten de A selectie blijft om te rijpen.
Je staat ermee op ......
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Super Talent has become adult Ziush to take the next step in your career

Super Talent has become adult Ziush to take the next step in your career

Written by Football Scania Published in Youth
He was best at age 15. Now Sakirovski Zia, 19, has become an adult. For the first time in his career
approached a senior game for the super talent in AZ Alkmaar.

- The key is patience and do their best. Then you get to see what happens. There will probably be no problem,
I know what capacity I have. I'm good!

Zia Sakirovski, so named player who was appointed to Malmö FF's best 15-year-old in 2012. Four years later,
it has happened a lot in his career. Sweden has become the Netherlands. Malmo FF has become AZ Alkmaar
and this year will be the senior youth football. Rosengård kid Zia or "Ziush" as he is called is now named to the
reserves and approaching the first team step by step.

- This will be my first real season with the seniors as it is a series of reserve team. For my part, it is a step up
the stairs but it is clear that most of all want to play first-team football, he says.

During the last half of last season, it was also game for the reserves but then it was game time is short. The
reason for this was that the a-team player was moved down very often. This year, however, the arrangement is

- There are some new rules from this season which prevents clubs to move down several first-team players in
the reserves. It means that we have a great squad this year. Last year, when the first-team players were called
into play time sufferer so it feels much better now, he says, and explains that while a-lagsspel need not be too
far away.

- Our coach has been in close contact with the first-team coach. They're talking to each other all the time and
see us on the field every day. Our first team and reserve team are training alongside each other, and scouts
are always on site and watching so they really have an eye on how you are performing. It makes you feel
closer to a place in a squad which is nice.
ZIA score against the top competitor ajax

Patience and hard work key to success

After spending much of the summer in Malmö is Sakirovski back in Alkmaar for pre-season training. Then he
made the move there as a 17-year-old a lot has happened in his life. Both on and off the field has been
developing in his opinion.

- I've learned a lot and grown as a person both on and off the pitch since the move. The first time it was a little
nerve-racking. It was a new country with new teammates and I lived with a host family so much was different.
Yes, everything was new. Now after two years Alkmaar feels like my real home. When it comes to Malmö, it is
like being on holiday.

Football player Zia Sakirovski, what has happened to him since the move?

- Game-wise, I developed physically. I've built me ​​more muscle and also become faster. It feels like I have
developed what I have been good at in the past but also things that I need to improve. The physics is an
example. It was something that people teased me a bit when I came here, that I have developed considerably.
Now I work step by step towards my goal. Long-term goal is to get out in the big leagues in Europe, but first
and foremost it's about getting to make my debut in AZ Alkmaar, then I hope to take me from there.


high goals

Sakirovski is sincere to say that there is much left to prove. Although the goal is to play in the best leagues in
Europe, he is not there yet by a long way.

- First and foremost, I'll be honest to say that I do not got anywhere yet. I need not have any season of the A-
team level before we can start talking about playing in the major European leagues. I will work hard to achieve
my goals and we'll see what happens.

How do you think about the season that awaits?

- This season, I set a goal to score as much goals as possible and get plenty of playing time. Then I can be up
and sniff at games in the first team soon. It's not such a long way to go, I can tell you.

Closes no doors for a reunion with Malmo FF

Zia Sakirovski has a contract with the Dutch top club until the summer of 2017. Then, he hopes to be
considered for the first team. If this is not the case, however, he is not worried about his future.

- It is difficult to say much right now but there is always something to lean back on if there is a future with AZ.

Can you imagine games in the league?

- You, you never know, only God knows. I'm not close any doors but my first choice is to remain in Holland.

What is the relationship with Malmö FF in the day?

- When I have had the holiday earlier, I have been visiting the club to keep running training. During the
summer, it was not so in fact. Today I keep in touch with some coaches but beyond that we have no direct
contact, it must say.

Whether there can be talk of a reunion with the parent club after the contract with AZ expires sounds
Sakirovski be unsaid. He speaks instead of keeping the doors open.

- I'm not close any doors but I have a year left on the contract and will stay out of the contract. Then we will
see, there are no plans to return home as it looks right now. However, it is fun to hear and read on social
media that people in Malmö want you to come home.

Should one believe Zia is the future for him in God's hands. It is to be hoped that the person up there are
similar plans for him as he had been for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the future will tell.


Zia on ...

To add Zlatan national team career on the shelf:
- We should have a full day, a red day, which we call Zlatan day. Should I be completely honest, it was a sad
day for all of Sweden when he came with the news.

The future of Swedish football, but Zlatan:
- Both good and bad for Swedish football that Zlatan quit the national team career. It's good in that it opens the
door for us young players coming from below. Poor given Zlatan quantity.

- Zlatan Ibrahimovic was how big any time for the national team but there is still hope for Swedish football. We
have good players who are on our way up in all ungdomsled. Sweden need not worry!

TEXT: Wiktor Richardsson

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Zia is inmiddels vertrokken, kan wel dicht toch ?
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Slotje ???
...... and that's what we mean by honey \:D/