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A warm welcome to all our foreign friends. Please feel free to post messages here in English only
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To all our foreign visitors,

A warm welcome to our website and Forum. Please feel free to post any enquiries or other stuff that is related to our pride AZ in this forum.

Below is our forum policy stated.

We have created a few rules to ensure that our forum stays an enjoyable place for posting and reading. The majority of the regulations is self-evident, but it seems wise to mention them anyway. These rules are not intended as restrictions for the users but to make sure that there are clear rules in the case of forum abuse. The administrators can therefore always fall back on these rules.

Disclaimer and responsibility
Because this bulletin board operates in 'real time', it is impossible for the moderators to check whether or not the information posted is correct. Please, realise that we cannot actively check the content of the forum postings, and for that reason we cannot and will not take responsibility for any of the posted messages. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of messages and are not responsible for their content. The messages state the view of their authors, which does not necessarily mean that their content is in conformity with the views of this bulletin board or any person associated to it.

Any user who considers a posted message to be offensive is advised to immediately contact the moderator of the particular forum by e-mail. We have the possibility to remove offensive messages and we will do so within a reasonable amount of time, but only if we consider removal to be the only solution. Please, remember that this process is performed by real persons and that we are not always able to edit or remove a message immediately.

By using this bulletin board, you agree not to publish material on this board that is known to be wrong, deceiving, offensive, shocking, vulgar, obscene, hardcore sexually oriented, threatening, racist, discriminating, invasive into a person's privacy or otherwise violating any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

Some of the terms listed above are quite subjective. The moderators decide whether a message falls into one of the aforementioned categories.
You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree that neither this bulletin board, nor PHPBB (the programmers of the bulletin board software) and their agents can be held responsible for any claims based upon any of your messages on this bulletin board.

Please remember that pictures and avatars may be copyrighted. You are and remain responsible for the use of images and avatars. The forum crew will deny any responsibility.

If we are notified of the fact that a user is breaking the copyright laws, the user's account will be disabled and the posts relating to this matter will be removed. Not until the matter is clarified, the disabling of the user-account can be undone.

Privacy rules
The editorial staff hereby declares that all personal info will remain within the staff.

All e-mail addresses, ip-numbers and other personal data will not be forwarded to third parties nor will they be used for commercial purposes.
The only exception on this rule is a legal charge as a result of messages that you posted on this forum.

Besides the aforementioned rules, the 'netiquette' is also enforced on this forum. The following guidelines are therefore applicable:

Try to stay on-topic as much as possible within a thread. If you refrain from this rule it will be difficult to recognise threads or find the information you need. In that case, it is better to start a new topic.

Spamming and/or cross posting is unwanted.

Try to avoid and prevent flame-wars. If a flame-war arises, a moderator or administrator is entitled to move the specific posts to a temporary place, which is not accessible for the normal forum users. The moderator or administrator will discuss the matter with at least one other administrator, upon which will be decided what to do with the posts. The decision is permanent. In serious cases, the user can be banned from the forum, either temporarily or permanently. This decision has to be supported by three administrators.

Private logs, e-mails etc. are private and should remain that way.

Please do not offend your fellow posters. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself.

Please keep in mind that advertising, chain letters and pyramid games do not belong on this bulletin board.

Post a topic in its appropriate forum. The moderators are entitled to move a topic to the proper forum. In the original forum, a link will remain present, so that the topic is easily traceable.

Try to give a new thread a title that covers the topic. Moderators can always change the topic title.

The AZ Fanpage community is a friendly environment of newbies, dummies, nerds and experts in the field of computers and internet. This means that there are people who might not be aware of the dangers of internet. Someone who misuses his knowledge by placing code or links like viruses, trojans or worms will be banned immediately.

Moderators will apply the above rules as liberally as possible. If one or more of the above rules are broken, a warning will be sent to the person(s) involved. In case of repeated breach of rules and several warnings, the ultimate sanction is a ban or removal of this forum. The decision is therefore binding and definitive.

The administrators have the right to delete accounts, which have not been used for a long period of time. Before this action is taken, the appropriate person(s) will be notified by e-mail and they will get the opportunity to respond.

Please remember that the moderators are doing this 'job' as a hobby. They are not here to delete people from this forum or to act as a police officer. If everybody uses his/her common sense while posting, we are convinced that a forum visit will be a pleasurable experience for everybody, including the moderators.

Have a lot of fun, reading and posting on this forum!
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'Foreign' friends, does this also include foreign, like with Jack? :D :wink:
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